• TACFIT is the "World's Smartest Workout"


    TACFIT is a fun, health-first program suitable for busy executives that need rapid fitness improvement. It's perfect for people that normally spend hours sitting each day staring at a computer screen. It restores health to those who have lower back pain, shoulder injuries, knee pain, and prior gym injuries.


    TACFIT is constantly changing with 300+ dynamic exercises. Each session is facilitated with expert coaching to keep you motivated and on track to optimal health. We promise you'll feel awesome after a few short workouts!


    TACFIT is embedded with decades of global experience and 18 years of scientific refinement and field testing. You will develop strength physically, mentally and emotionally. That's why Mens' Health crowned TACFIT as "the World's Smartest Workout".

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  • TACFIT will rapidly make you

    faster, fitter, and leaner

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    Rapid Workouts

    20 minutes of TACFIT is the equivalent of 4 and half hours cardio vascular work. Better than any treadmill work, and bang for your buck. Quite simply, TACFIT is truly the pinnacle of functional fitness training.

    Instead of normal bootcamp sessions, which emphasis long and arduous aerobic work, that achieves little, TACFIT is 20 minutes of high intensity exercise.

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    Health First

    Where mindless “bootcamp” approaches to fitness derived from military mental reprogramming attempting to convince the body it can push beyond its healthy limits, TACFIT derives from the ability to efficiently respond to a crisis and remain level-headed, aware and “in flow”, such as with fire rescue and emergency medical personnel, in a way that fortifies rather than destroys health.

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    Functional Training

    Scientifically proven TACFIT helps anyone achieve elite level fitness. Move in new and functional, reality based patterns, the way your body was designed to move.

    You will perform specific joint mobility exercises during warm up to prepare for the workout, then cooldown at the end with specific compensation exercises to unload tension and avoid plateaus in your progress. The result is continued improvement every single week.

  • TACFIT Exercises

    Everyone is Welcome

    "be more prepared than the challenges you face"


    We live in an ever evolving world with constant change to both our personal and professional lives. Some are known, others are unknown. The chaotic fog of daily life defies prediction and planning for most busy professionals, causing stress to appear both at work and at home. As a result, our training is designed to cover a wide range of movement from predictable to improvised.


    TACFIT is adapted for people of all skills. From someone that is new to exercise, to an experienced athlete.


    The result in our clients have been increased performance on the field, less pain in moving, decreased stress at work, increased energy levels, and more stable mood. These are all by-products of the TACFIT program which trains not just physical, but also mental, bio-chemical, and emotional levels. The aim is to build up a person's resilience, capacity, and ability to perform.


    TACFIT metabolic conditioning focuses on making you more prepared than the challenges you face through a cascade of physical attributes: functional stamina, extreme range reactive strength, three-dimensional ballistic speed, multi-modal agility and coordination, and integrated active recovery and prehabilitation. It is infinitely variable and incremental in sophistication, and psychologically challenging.

  • We define Physical Preparedness as Fit-ness

    Although conventional programs involve mono or bi-planar action on individual joints with long duration of single exercises, fitness demands multi-planar, multi-joint, multimodal exercise. The body acts as a balanced matrix: a sea of continuous tension pulling in with an architecture of compressive struts pushing out. TACFIT increases the strength of integrity of that balance.

    Compensation exercise

    Our program includes:

    Injury-Proofing: developing the range and depth of functional skills encountered during crisis response, and slightly beyond the scope of those skills in order to create a ‘safety valve’ for when movements deviate from the expected.

    Prehabilitation: priming connective tissue, joints and joint fluid for performance to prevent injuries and to refine the ability to absorb and retranslate force encountered during tactical response.

    Active Recovery: specific low-intensity mobility exercise to recuperate from intense effort to prevent overtraining, increase healthy circulation and diminish delayed muscle soreness typical of extreme exertion.

    Dynamic exercises


    General Physical Preparedness: increasing the capacity to perform work at high intensity for repeated burst of short duration, and increasing the speed of recovery between bouts of activity.

    Specific Physical Preparedness: sophisticating work capacity in multiple planes, three-dimensionally through the six degrees of freedom – heaving, swaying, surging, pitching, yawing, rolling.